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eyebuydirect reviews blue light

Emmerson is a semi-rimless look that won’t go unnoticed — featuring a metallic browline for a futuristic feel, and translucent blue arms for a modern touch. Prescription Sunglasses ... More Reviews Write a review. Sightrelax is different from traditional glasses lenses. Description. Dutchess Light Blue Plastic Eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. At one point, I was getting migraines nearly every day — an issue a Google search told me was probably due to the blue light emanating from my computer. It uses the same technology found in progressive lenses to give the bottom of the lens a nifty, gradual magnification; kind of like reading glasses and exactly for that purpose! As a novice glasses wearer, I decided to try out EBDBlue first since they’re more basic. 1-855-393-2891 Evolve Blue Metal Eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. On top of that, I noticed I felt more relaxed at the end of the day in general. Of course, some options are more expensive than others. I chose the “Most Popular lenses with EBDBlue 360 and there is no glare while I’m on a zoom call! That means no more craning your neck or squinting your eyes to read what’s on your phone. Shop the Chillhouse Curated Collection here: https://ebd.world/_ChillhouseCollection and receive 25% off with this code: EBDCHILL25Tired eyes? Inspired by those who embrace their differences, Equality comes in a rainbow of colors with a shade for everyone. Can Color Blind Glasses Help You See Color. Camie Juan 110,059 views. Blue light becomes more of an issue because its in our smartphones, laptops, tvs, pcs, and we shove these in our faces all night causing us to stay awake longer. Why you ask? I also started sleeping better. Next, choose the lens color type (clear, blue-light-blocking, sun or light-adjusting) and lens bundle, which varies based on your other selections. Sightrelax lenses were created as a solution to both of those things. Join for free! ... Blue Light Glasses. These light blue eyeglasses are fit for royalty. See our latest collections & exclusive offers before the crowd! All the frames are designed and manufactured in-house with quality materials, but RFLKT glasses are made with a premium Italian acetate that feels a little more substantial than the brand's cheaper frames. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Learn More About Digital Protection Glasses, Let’s be friends! Read real reviews and see ratings for San Juan Bautista, CA Health Care Facilities near you to help you pick the right pro Health Care Provider. I also love that I have a reason to wear glasses now! When I found out I could get 2 pairs of glasses with blue light filter for $121! I also continued to track my sleep, and let’s just say, my sleeping suffered during that week without blue light block glasses. Looking for smart ways to get more from life. Getting a blue light filter was very important to me. ... (888) 858-1408. This light and fresh frame comes in a soft baby blue acetate finish throughout with rounded lenses. Sunglasses . We paired our frames with the cheapest $19 lenses, which … That’s as inexpensive as it gets! Coupled with the added strain of everything being backlit, our eyes get quite the workout during the day, leaving them strained and tired. These light blue specs are on the louder side of subtle, and that’s just how we like it. Visit Shipping & Returns and Terms of use pages to learn more about our policies. Identical features a plastic two-tone construction with a clear pink face front and contrasting arms in a cool blue hue — perfect for adding a pop of color to your everyday eyewear. Now, EyeBuyDirect offers two types of blue light blocking glasses for digital screen protection: EBDBlue and Sightrelax. Discover exceptional style, quality, and price. Stand out and show off your true colors with full-rim rectangular frames, fit for every face. Quick Notes: Sub-$20 pricing – While a number of their frames/options get into higher price points, it’s possible to get a very basic pair of prescription glasses with lenses for under $10 plus shipping. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. About EyeBuyDirect. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team. However, if you're just looking for a super affordable pair, you can't go wrong with their basic options. Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 12 a.m. EST You can get a full pair of glasses with prescription lenses from EyeBuyDirect for as little as $6. EyeBuyDirect review: Simple site. I wouldnt get to sleep til 3AM until eyebuydirect came into my life. Subscribe to our newsletter. My favorite pair, the unisex Prism frames from the brand's premium RFLKT collection, cost a total of $99 including the lenses and EBD Blue coating. I now own quite a few pairs, and I won't order any glasses without the coating, which is widely available at other glasses retailers as well. We recommend the Alastor round tortoise glasses. Join for free! With its geometric browline and soft brown hue, Mikoto makes a statement wherever it goes. wear them out everywhere I go! That’s right, me! We highlight products and services you might find interesting. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. It comes right after some EyeBuyDirect details! All of this was new to me and one of the first things I found I had to adjust to was actually wearing glasses all day. You’ll be a beacon of illuminating style with the full-rimmed Lighthouse in stunning Clear Blue. EyeBuyDirect sells thousands of glasses, prescription sunglasses, blue light glasses, and more for men, women and children. To optimize your experience we use cookies. Description. EyeBuyDirect offers three different ranges of blue light blocking lenses. Adjustments aside, I was surprised by the changes I noticed after a couple days. As an editor, I spend pretty much my entire day staring at a computer screen. Now, I’ve worn sunglasses most my life, but it’s always been at the beach, driving, or some other stereotypical situation where I’d need to keep the sun out of my eyes. If what you really wanted was the review with the pics, no need to fear. It can be exhausting on the eyes to have a job that is entirely dependent on screens. These incredibly affordable blue light reflective glasses made my headaches go away, and I swear by them now. You’ll be able to review your final selections before you add the glasses to your cart. I’m sticking with Sightrelax glasses. It took my mind some time to accept me wearing glasses inside, and after about a day and a half, it felt like I had been wearing glasses all my life. A. Subscriber So if you need a pair of readers that also filter blue light or serious anti-glare protection in your blue light glasses, then EyeBuyDirect has the best blue light glasses for you. I actually own two versions of these frames in both tortoiseshell and clear acetate — that's how much I love them. So what’s the final verdict of this blue light blocking glasses review? The oh-so-cool color combo of silver and sky blue make this square style stand out. ... EyeBuyDirect Unboxing + Review (20% off code!) I do not need prescription lenses so I took advantage of the blue light lens options available. So here we are: My blue light blocking glasses review. Account active They come in three different tortoise shell colorways and … Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST, HomeBlogBlue Light Blocking Glasses Review. Sightrelax’s special blue light filter blocks out a portion of blue light that keeps you awake (and harms your eyes). So far, with EBDBlue glasses, I was getting better sleep and my eyes felt better late into the day. Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Savannah I EyeBuyDirect x Chillhouse EyeBuyDirect. By visiting our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Both come with UV protection, blue light filters, and a scratch-resistant, anti-glare coating. Get it now on Libro.fm using the button below. 14 days free return. On average, I spent around 15 – 45 extra minutes every night trying to fall asleep. Although the lens magnification took some time to get used to, I don’t know how I lived without it. EyeBuyDirect’s blue-light lenses are sold in three tiers and can be applied to both prescription and non-prescription glasses. As a novice glasses wearer, I decided to try out EBDBlue first since they’re more basic. I wanted to see if they really made a difference, so I decided to test them out. Quick tip: even if you don’t need glasses with a prescription, it’s a good idea to wear your blue light blocking glasses all the time. So whenever we use our digital devices, especially late into the night, we’re actually telling our brains to keep our bodies awake. How did I know that? Check out our page digital screen protection. With a commonly available coupon code, a pair of Lensabl blue-light blocking glasses with hydrophobic coating, scratch resistance, and UV protection can be purchased for less than $70. I’m always in front of a computer, phone, tablet, TV or other digital screen. We get blue light from sun exposure but the sun goes down. Featuring round-bottomed lenses and a translucent acetate frame, these stand out specs will help you show off your unique style like no other. Color: Abyssal Blue; Size: L. I’m quite obsessed with these and this color. Email us at reviews@businessinsider.com. Want to learn more about blue light blocking glasses? Guess who started sleeping better while wearing EBDBlue glasses? All the prices listed on the site include single-vision lenses, but if you need specialty options like bifocals or transitions, there's an additional fee. Now, EyeBuyDirect offers two types of blue light blocking glasses for digital screen protection: EBDBlue and Sightrelax. They offer frames that start at just $6 – a fraction of the cost of other eyewear retailers.. For EyeBuyDirect, the key to offering low prices is their vertically integrated company structure. As much as the discoloration seems to be a hazard of blue-light coating, other brands (like Warby Parker ) have managed to blend their blue-light coating seamlessly with their lenses. Digital screens are major sources of blue light, specifically the kind of blue light our bodies use to regulate our sleep. I tried EyeBuyDirect's insanely affordable "digital screen protection" glasses that are said to help with headaches induced by blue light. This square frame is classic in shape but modern by design. Well I wanted to make things a little more scientific, so I kept a sleep log before and while wearing EBDBlue (and SightRelx) glasses. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Read real reviews and see ratings for Gonzales, CA Health Care Facilities near you to help you pick the right pro Health Care Provider. So here’s the climax of this blue light blocking glasses review: To make it a little more fair, between testing out Sightrelax and EBDBlue, I took a week off to see if I noticed any difference. And let’s be honest, we all are. The magnification in Sightrelax lenses reduces this strain by making small things easier to read. I fell into old habits hard: I noticed myself tossing and turning more and had trouble getting my mind to relax so I could sleep. Though there's not much scientific evidence to prove that this blue light is actually harmful, there are still plenty of people who swear by the positive effects of reflective glasses. First, my eyes didn’t feel as tired in the evening (an immediate plus for me). Blue light at night can be particularly harmful to your sleep and health. I used a nifty app on my phone to help track my sleep and with EBDBlue glasses and I could see I spent much less time trying to fall asleep than before. Founded in 2005, EyeBuyDirect.com is an online eyeglasses retailer that aims to please customers with a wide variety of stylish lenses at unbeatable prices. Designed with adjustable nose … It promised to deflect blue light away from the eyes in order to prevent computer headaches, which seemed too good to be true for someone who had been suffering from them for so long. The … Read real reviews and see ratings for Monterey, VA Specialized Services near you to help you pick the right pro Personal Service. I have been wearing them for about six months and since I can't shout this from a rooftop to effectively convey how amazing they are, I'm writing this piece to tell you that they are life-changing. The EyeBuyDirect blue-light coating does seem to create a slightly green discoloration on the lens, visible when you tilt the frames to have direct light on them. The blue light coatings also cost extra, but they won't raise the price by much. The basic EDB blue coating costs an extra $19, or more, per pair, and the SightRelax blue light coating (which includes an additional reading enhancement feature) cost an extra $29, or more, per pair. We operate independently from our advertising sales team. All of this was new to me and one of the first things I found I had to adjust to was actually wearing glasses all day. This frame is a great addition to any collection. Come and discover these quality glasses at an affordable price. There’s a midget Star Wars stormtrooper figure standing about 18 … When I switched to Sightrelax to block blue light, it was the same as EBDBlue—I was able to get into bed and fall asleep pretty much right away. 5 to See Collection. Every day for roughly nine hours straight, I gaze deeply into a monitor while either writing, editing, or scanning articles carefully for tiny errors in punctuation. Here are additional things I like about EyeBuyDirect… What I like about EyeBuyDirect And no, I'm not just "being dramatic.". About EyeBuyDirect. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. - Duration: 9:40. Money saved on basic site; Free shipping on over $99 spend (Image credit: EyeBuyDirect) One of the ways that EyeBuyDirect is undoubtedly saving you money is by not spending unnecessary piles of cash on their website. Learn more. So when samples of EyeBuyDirect’s blue light blocking glasses worked their way around the office, I of course jumped at the chance to try them both as an excuse to wear some awesome glasses. It’s tidy and it works, but getting from point A to point Buy is a rocky road. Subscribe to our newsletter. EyeBuyDirect offered to send me a pair with my prescription, featuring their EDB Blue lenses (one of two choices). Moment Light Gold Metal Eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. Metal & Acetate. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. Enjoy 14 days to try out our frames. These frames feature all the timeless touches of the traditional style including thick temples, spring hinges, and a low nose bridge for perfect placement every time you put them on. Our phones, tablets, and computers have tiny text that our eyes have to work hard to read. We welcome your feedback. Though EyeBuyDirect makes plenty of less expensive frames that hold up just as well, I have to say that I'm a huge fan of the RFLKT line specifically. And, in the same breath, they're STILL incredibly stylish and casual, so I can (and do!) Blue Lion Medicare work with over 200 plans and specializes in savings seniors money on their Medicare coverage! Shortly after figuring this out, I decided to take advantage of a pitch I had received from EyeBuyDirect (one of my favorite eyewear startups) about a new lens coating they offered that featured "digital screen protection." Since I started wearing glasses with blue lenses, my headaches have almost completely disappeared. And the app I used to track my sleeping told the same story. Like what you see here? (126) More Reviews Write a review. Blue Aces Bake Shoppe’s space may be small and narrow, but it compensates in character per square foot. A fashionable frame with great quality and an affordable price. What about the glasses with SightRelax lenses? As someone who doesn’t need to wear glasses, I’ve always been jealous of glasses wearers. They have blue light protection and work like nothing else I've ever had before. Description. ... Was this review helpful? If you wear contacts but still want the blue light coating, you can also just buy your favorite pair without a prescription. Blue light distress is a very real thing. Before Sightrelax, I caught myself squinching up my face to read recipes on my tablet or while staring at my screen at work.

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